Poker Tournament Skill Levels


The “patience factor” of any tournament is a measure of tournament “speed” that can be used to determine optimal tournament strategy and compare tournament values for a skilled player. The patience factor for any tournament determines the Skill Level. There is a mathematical basis for these distinctions in skill level, based primarily on the likelihood of premium hands being dealt pre-flop at a ten-handed table, and the statistical likelihood of your being the lucky player dealt any of those premium hands.

(Skill levels in online tournaments are based on a slightly different formula.) In other words, we can easily calculate that you will be dealt a pair of aces on approximately one hand out of every 221 hands you play. Likewise, a pair of kings, or any other specific pair. If we take a range of hands that we consider premium we can figure out approximately what percentage of pots we’ll play. It is a fact that the slower a tournament is, the more flexible and selective a player can be in his starting hand strategy.

Of course, if a tournament tends to be very fast, more hands will be listed and added to the list of his hands that will actually enter the pot. This means that a player is therefore forced to make more plays to steal chips when they do not have a legitimate hand to speak of. The skill levels actually rise with higher patience factors. The highest the patient factor, the greater the skill level.

High patience factor

Players have more time to choose and select the pot entries. Also, they get more flexible about the way they choose to play their hands. they have more time to think of the strategy they are going to use because the only thing that matters here is winning. With skill levels 3 and 4, you do not get much time to wait for the best and premium starting hands but, there is a thing that you can do. You can use your aggressive tournament strategies and take advantage of players who are waiting for the premium hands. The tournaments give all players enough chips to get them going and make them feel like they will win.

You do not have to be a very skilled player to win these tournaments. Players of these tournaments will not be the ones who would call all-ins with mediocre hands. That is why these tournaments are also called uninteresting ones because people who watch get a feeling that nothing is going on because everybody is playing safe and no one wants to take the actual risk and do something unexpected. With higher skill levels, comes more excitement.

Once you get to the skill levels 4 and 5, that is where things really start to change. This is where you have to have more advanced skills if you want to stay in the game and survive. This is where you can easily encounter such players who can read your every move like they see through you and you have to be really clever if you want to win. Also, here is where the game becomes extremely hard and difficult which brings the most excitement to both players and watchers. This is the way of only the high rollers.


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