Online Poker Tournament Strategy and the Patience Factor


We can define any tournament, broadly, as fast, medium, or slow. A single-table satellite or sit’n’go, designed to come up with a winner in an hour or so of play, is the quintessential fast tournament. That is because the players start out with small chip stacks relative to the blinds and the blinds escalate quickly.
The WSOP main event, which takes the better part of a week to determine a winner, is the ultimate slow tournament.

That is because the blinds start small relative to the players starting chips and go up slowly, so that players can be very selective in the hands they play and how they deploy their chips to their advantage. The faster a tournament is the more likely it is that the winner will be determined by luck, as opposed to skill.

So, whatever your skill level, you will maximize your tournament earnings and edge if you choose tournaments that are a good fit for your skill level. In order to compare tournaments with each other, both to get a handle on the importance of luck versus skill in any particular tournament and to figure out the best strategy based on the tournament’s speed of play.

This is all because it is not enough to just define a tournament as slow, medium or fast, we need better comprehension of the game so that we can efficiently define the paste of the game or the speed of the entire tournament.

When it comes to maximizing your wins and edge, a small difference in poker tournament speed can make a big difference in order to determine what would be the best strategy. Even when people know that a certain poker tournament is slow by nature, there is no way how we can put some numbers on the tournament and say with certainty that this tournament is slow or fast. You can never know.

Estimating the Patience Factor

The more flexibility and patience allowed in a tournament make players select their way how they play a hand or how they select the pots they want to enter. This means that the factor that will greatly determine the winners will be greater because each player is certain that they are going to win. This also allows more experienced players with more skills to earn more money over time.

The point is to make the players feel relaxed and give them the notion of the possibility that they could win. The more they are forced to take shots and the more they rely on sheer luck, the less money they will make over time. That is why in this game patience is everything.


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