Las Vegas Poker Tournaments, Comprehensive Schedule with Ratings


This page includes comprehensive listings for all regularly-scheduled Las Vegas poker tournaments, with schedules, buy-in costs, and blind structures. The Las Vegas poker tournament listings also include my comments on various tournaments, plus “Patience Factor” and “Skill Level” ratings. Patience factors and skill level ratings are related to the tournament strategy in my book.

In case that you want to find out all about the professional ways how you could make some serious money, this book would be highly recommended. Also, this book will give you an insight on how to learn some professional strategies for making money in less than one day. Everything you need to know about Poker is in that book. If your game is multi table no limit hold em tournament, this book will get you rich.

Skill level ratings and patience factors are crucial if you want to enhance yourself and adjust your strategy to each tournament in particular. There are no tournaments which are the same, each is different. If you consider yourself to be a skilled fast tournament player, you will want to know how to estimate the value of these tournaments for sure.

For skilled players who can afford their buy-ins, Las Vegas offers the best poker tourney in the world. These tournaments are no-rebuy with a patience factor of 9.00 which requires skill level 5. With typically 50-80 entire, that can go even higher in the summer. With 100 players, skilled players would invest about 10,000$ to see this through.

These Las Vegas poker tournament ratings are accompanied by the Poker Tournament formula in order to provide the players with the optimal poker tournament strategy, needed for the fast tournaments that you can find in any casino poker room anywhere you go.

In case that you need any of the supporting material to carrying out optimal poker strategy, you can get an accurate and comprehensive guide to the Las Vegas poker tournaments schedule and ratings. This is the best opportunity for money making in Las Vegas for the new players in town absolutely.


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